Overseas Customers Visit SEEDER and Experience Robotic Technologies

2023-04-28 14:18:09 Ari

On April 24th, customers from overseas paid a three-day visit to SEEDER for potential cooperation. And they were greeted and accompanied by SEEDER CEO Mr. Zhu, and Overseas Sales Manager Jack.

During the meeting, Jack gave the customers a detailed introduction to SEEDER's development and technical innovations. At the showroom, the customers had an in-depth understanding of the SEEDER studio automation system and robotics. Mr. Zhu and Jack answered the customers’questions in detail, helping them gain profound insights into SEEDER’s systems. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In the virtual studio, the customers experienced firsthand the technical innovations of SEEDER’s newly released rail robotic elevating system. The demonstration of features of collision avoidance technology and limit position technology greatly impressed the customers. These technologies ensure maximum activity range and safety of the robotics, providing creative freedom and possibilities for shooting and content creation.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER adopts dual collision avoidance technology, namely optical collision avoidance technology and dynamic collision avoidance technology, to ensure the safe operation of the robotic camera systems. Optical detection systems are built into both sides within 20cm range of the rail robotic elevating system. The detection range can be set according to the actual length of the system in use. When the optical anti-collision system detects an object, the anti-collision system activates immediately and issues a pause command. It can brake and stop within 20cm to ensure operational safety. At the same time, based on motion dynamics, when the motion resistance changes abnormally, the system can automatically pause operation to achieve dynamic collision avoidance. The zero position of the rail robotic camera system and the motion limits can be custom set to ensure safe use.

Safer and more stable equipment is of great significance for studios. Improving efficiency and productivity through robotics technology can well solve the problem of complex coordination between multiple people and devices.

With the rapid development of the company and continuous innovation in research and development technologies, we will embrace the market with a positive attitude and launch high-quality products and services that meet the needs of the market and users. Our team is available for communication and discussion at your convenience.