How Robotic Camera Supports Enable Vivid Remote Shooting of Concert

2023-08-04 16:54:21 Ari

Concerts and eSports possess tremendous live appeal, but how to capture the intricate details and on-site atmosphere remains an everlasting puzzle for shooting crews. As camera support equipment continues to advance, portability, usability and remote control have also become desirable capabilities sought after by videographers. With its portable design and intelligent remote shooting capabilities, SEEDER RBL08VH is bringing vivid and dynamic footage to audiences at various concert and competition venues.


1. Portable and flexible


Conventional equipment that is too bulky, if placed at the stage front, may obstruct the audience's view and restrict the performers' movements. Moreover, the deployment and setup of conventional gear at the stage front can be quite cumbersome. In contrast, weighing only 4.6 kg, the RBL08VH robotic pan tilt head can be placed on the tripod or mounted on the wall or ceiling, making it extremely portable and flexible.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The head is one-time calibration, available in seconds, and there is no accumulated error in the tracking data even after multiple power on/off cycles. What’s more, its electronic level system facilitates quick and easy calibration. So small in size, light in weight, and easy to handle and arrange.


2. Remote control operation


For robotic gear, a significant advantage is the ability to address personnel limitations. During recurring performances, a camera operator can simply manipulate the shooting angles remotely via robotic control panel, or preset movements can be triggered with just one click. Remote control of the shooting angle and range can be achieved through remote control of the pan tilt, zoom, focus, aperture without affecting the stage performance.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In terms of operational feel, feedback from photographers indicates that the system is ease of use - operators can quickly become adept at utilizing the control panel. After quickly grasping the layout of the control interface and buttons, one can promptly start operating the system. The SEEDER control panel can control up to 8 robotics, preset 32 programs, 16 sequences per program, and 16 scenes per sequence.


3. Anti-shake and precision


Stable footage without shake is crucial. The anti-shake technology of SEEDER's robotics can ensure shake-free video even during quick starts and stops. Moreover, the absolute encoders log motion positions and tracking data, delivering the industry's highest level of tracking accuracy of<0.000043 ° (8300000/360 °).


4. Easy to Integrate

The head can be compatible with various cameras and can support graphic or studio control systems to work collaboratively.


This robotic pan-tilt head comes with built-in zoom, focus, and aperture control systems, making it adaptable for handheld camcorders, cinema cameras, or DSLR video shooting. It also supports Canon and Fujinon's full range of B4 mount full servo lenses, enabling control of lens zoom, focus, and iris movement. When using B4 mount telephoto lenses, the system can deliver effective image stabilization for telephoto shooting.


FreeD protocol tracking data with 23-bit (8,300,000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy can be output through RS422 and directional UDP. It supports graphic systems such as Vizrt, Avid (Orad), Brainstorm, UE5, etc. As well as studio control systems such as SEEDER AISS、Vizrt MOSART、ROSS Overdrive、GrassValley IGNITE, etc.


As SEEDER continues to push the boundaries of robotic camera support technology, the versatile and intelligent RBL08VH makes dynamic and engaging concert and eSports shooting achievable for producers.