Camera Tracking Technology - One of the Key Technologies of Virtual Production!

2023-08-08 15:28:22 Ari

Virtual production is booming, and it is increasingly used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and almost everyone who wants to create immersive experiences with real-time virtual content. By combining the flexibility of the virtual world with the ability to visualize content early in the production process, the studio has gained new possibilities to realize and improve its vision.


One of the key technologies of virtual production is real-time camera tracking, which synchronizes the real camera with the virtual camera, so that 3D data and real camera can be seamlessly integrated.


In virtual production, there are many ways to create virtual environments that interact with real people. E.g. AR, virtual shooting (green screen), XR.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

No matter what method you choose for a virtual production project, high-quality camera tracking is a crucial technical tool. In addition, with the improvement of processing capability and software capability, camera tracking becomes easier to implement.


Taking mechanical tracking as an example, it obtains camera motion data by placing the sensor on the camera equipment, including the camera position and direction. At the same time, the camera's own additional information can detail the lens parameters. This also ensures that the virtual object appears as part of the real environment every time the camera moves, and vice versa.


However, mechanical camera tracking systems may require a large amount of setup time and require periodic readjustment. The camera equipment must also have a fixed origin from which mechanical movement can be referenced to limit flexibility.


Then learn about encoder camera tracking, take SEEDER systems in the XR virtual studio as an example, the pan and tilt  adopt 23 bit absolute value encoders, which can achieve highest tracking accuracy 8,300,000/360°.  One-time calibration makes use more convenient and saves time.


SEEDER virtual head tracking supports FREE-D data, it's RS422 and directional UDP simultaneous output, can simultaneously output 5-way directional UDP, and the IP address and port number of UDP can be modified. Its data processor Databox5 supports data input via encoders in pan, tilt, zoom, focus, lens and crane. It can automatically identify the built-in encoder of Canon or Fujinon lens and collect tracking data. The SEEDER absolute value encode camera tracker can well compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, UE5, etc.


No matter what method you choose, camera tracking is an important part of virtual production workflow. As virtual production is becoming increasingly popular as a means of creating content, it has become an important task to provide appropriate technical tools to meet each production demand. SEEDER is constantly exploring virtual production technology and providing you with professional and high precision real time camera trackers.