Intelligent Shooting of SEEDER's Robotic Pan-Tilt Head at the 4th Asian Para Games

2023-10-26 15:55:31 Ari

In an effort to enhance the viewing experience and broadcast impact of the sporting events, the SEEDER RB30VH3 robotic pan-tilt head system was chosen for the live coverage of boccia matches during the 4th Asian Para Games. Through the robotic control panel, the camera operator can easily manager the 5-axis movement of the robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus, and aperture in the control room, enabling intelligent shooting capabilities.

Cutting-edge robotic camera system has the capability to capture athletes' outstanding performances on the field in real-time without human intervention. Through high-speed transmission technology, these moments are instantly broadcasted to both television and online platforms, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the excitement and allure of competitive sports as if they were right there on the scene. 

Athletes' competition in sports isn't just a test of their athletic abilities; it's also a psychological battle. Using unmanned shooting technology, we capture multi-dimensional perspectives without interference from on-site personnel, enriching the visual narrative and uncovering details that traditional sports coverage often overlooks.

The system's anti shake technology, particularly rapid start-stop anti shake technology, ensures that every video remains usable. When using a long-focus lens for shooting, the robotic pan-tilt head system can effectively achieve long-focus image stabilization. Through an AI-powered approach, it automatically generates up to 16 motion nodes based on motion time and distance, enabling continuous multi-point smooth curve motion. This ensures the successful capture of videos with complex motion trajectories.

Furthermore, the system features a modular design, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be installed within a mere ten minutes. Powered by a 220V AC supply with a power consumption of less than 100W, it's highly convenient for power supply. It can be ready within just 10 seconds after powering on. The one-time calibration, eliminating the need for initialization calibration. Therefore, the system is particularly well-suited for live production of large event or studios. It provides unprecedented convenience and efficiency for the use of television stations and sports events.