SEEDER Robotic Crane Win Bids for Two Projects, the Xiamen Media Group's News Live Studio and the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network's 4K Ultra HD Virtual Studio

2023-10-18 15:17:58 Ari

Recently, SEEDER secured contracts for the robotic crane systems in Xiamen Media Group's News Live Studio and the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network's 4K Ultra HD Virtual Studio System. SEEDER will provide robotic crane systems and other camera support products for these two projects, offering new technological means for the intelligent transformation of broadcasting studios.

Project Overview 1:

The Xiamen Media Group is a prominent media entity in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Strait, playing a vital role in promoting cross-strait communication and supporting the development of the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Strait. The group's outstanding contributions have earned high praise from provincial and municipal leaders.

To better serve Xiamen's economic development, the group is embarking on a project to upgrade their existing 260-square-meter studio into an ultra-high-definition news studio. SEEDER won the bid for the project in September, providing a set of SEEDER's third-generation robotic crane system and five sets of main and backup web prompter systems. These advanced equipment will meet the requirements for ultra-high-definition TV program production, enhancing efficiency and broadcast quality to ensure the group's continued competitiveness in a constantly evolving media landscape.

Project Overview 2:

Due to the fact that the three studios currently used by Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, namely 400 square meters, 300 square meters, and 185 square meters, are all real scenes with LED large screens as the background, lacking specialized virtual studios. To meet practical demands, the construction of a professional 4K Ultra HD Virtual Studio is imperative. By the end of September, SEEDER secured a contract for a set of SEEDER third-generation robotic crane system and three sets of head VR tracking pedestal systems S30VR-PT50 for a 150-square-meter full virtual studio. This studio can replicate the scenes of the 400-square-meter and 300-square-meter live studios using virtual technology, providing backup support for these two news live studios and enhancing broadcast safety. 

Notably, the 400-square-meter news studio has previously utilized SEEDER's second-generation robotic crane system, and they have now made a repeat purchase of SEEDER's third-generation robotic crane system. The compatibility between the setup files enables mutual import and export, achieving the purpose of backing up the robotics system.

We sincerely thank the Xiamen Media Group and the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network for their trust and support. Winning these bids is just the beginning of our collaboration. We aspire to provide top-notch products and services, ensuring the successful implementation and operation of these projects and delivering satisfactory results for news and virtual studio program production.