Top Leaders from Guizhou Radio TV Station Visited SEEDER for Deep Cooperation

2023-10-08 08:59:07 May

On the afternoon of September 27th, Mr. Zhang, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Guizhou Radio TV Station, and Mr. Zhou, Director of the Television Recording Center, visited SEEDER in Hangzhou for a meeting on further strengthening innovation cooperation. SEEDER's CEO Mr. Zhu and General Manager Mrs. Gan warmly welcomed and participated in the discussion.

Guizhou Radio TV Station is the largest provincial-level comprehensive media organization in Guizhou Province, holding an important position in the southwestern media industry. Since 2018, they have successively purchased three sets of SEEDER robotic crane systems, which have been applied in Guizhou TV Studio 905, Guizhou Political News Studio, and Guizhou Livelihood News Studio. Over the course of five years, these systems have operated stably and received unanimous praise from station leaders and staffs, establishing a foundation of trust for both parties. In April 2022, during the 13th Party Congress of Guizhou Province, SEEDER's robotic elevating pan/tilt head system RB30EH3 was used, delivering outstanding performance and enhancing the live shooting effects during the congress.

Both sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the future direction and forms of cooperation. SEEDER's CEO, Mr. Zhu, highly values the strategic partnership between the two sides. He expressed that SEEDER will continue to focus on innovation in automation studio solutions and will actively support and collaborate with Guizhou Radio TV Station in its intelligent transformation and development.