SEEDER's Participation and Speech at the 2023 Annual Broadcasting Technology Forum of CSMPTE

2024-01-02 08:49:30 Ari

SEEDER was honored to be invited to participate in the 2023 Annual Broadcasting Technology Forum organized by CSMPTE (China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). The forum, a prominent event in the domestic broadcasting technology industry, garnered widespread attention. Representatives from 93 member units, individual expert committee members, as well as senior industry experts, speakers, and invited guests, totaling 267 attendees, gathered in Hangzhou for this significant annual meeting.

Mr. Zhu, CEO of SEEDER, delivered a speech titled "Real-time Video Intelligent Production" during the forum.

SEEDER's "Real-time Video Intelligent Production System" is an intelligent studio solution developed by the SEEDER team through relentless efforts. The system incorporates the core technology of domestically produced ST2110 IP, graphics based on the UE5.3.2 engine, high-precision robotic camera systems, and an automated rundown auto-generation system. Merging studio intelligent technology with ST2110 IP standards, the system aims to provide a more advanced and efficient studio solution. It utilizes mainstream X86 architecture hardware and employs a self-developed SDK for inter-system control protocol parsing and conversion, achieving precise control at the frame level. The successful launch of the product has broken the monopoly of core technology in this industry by foreign companies and effectively provided a domestically produced alternative for bottleneck technology products. With its advanced technological features and cost advantages, it offers users an efficient, stable, and reliable IP solution, injecting vitality into the independent development of China's broadcasting and television industry.

SEEDER as the member unit, sincerely thanks CSMPTE for the invitation and appreciates the support and attention of all the experts, representatives, and attendees. We will continue our commitment to innovation and contribute more to the development of  broadcasting and television technology industry.