SEEDER Robotic Camera Systems Secure Bid for China Welfare Lottery's Live Virtual Studio Project

2023-11-29 11:22:55 Ari

Recently, SEEDER successfully secured the Live Virtual Studio Project from the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center. SEEDER will deliver a set of third-generation robotic crane system RB30CR3 and two sets of robotic elevating pan/tilt head systems RB30EH3 for this initiative. These systems will be utilized for the automated production of live broadcasts and to support virtual high-precision tracking data.

The China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center, a direct subsidiary of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, is responsible for the nationwide distribution and organization of welfare lottery tickets. Live draws for welfare lottery games such as "Double Color Ball," "Welfare 3D," "Seven Joyful Lottery," and "Happy 8" are broadcasted on various channels, including China Education Television Channel One (daily at 21:15), CCTV Financial Channel (daily at 21:55), and the China National Radio Voice of China frequency (daily around 22:00 to 22:05).


In operation for nearly a decade since its establishment, the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center faces urgent challenges in the use of its virtual studios due to the frequent production and broadcast of daily lottery draw programs. The primary challenge is ensuring security, especially given the stringent safety requirements for the daily production of live draw programs. Secondly, there is a demand for high-precision virtual tracking data. The system provides 23-bit high-precision tracking signals through directed UDP. This is especially crucial in the full virtual production environment of Telecast Studio II, where the requirements for live production on the tracking accuracy of robotic camera systems are particularly significant. Additionally, the studio is facing a shortage of recording and technical personnel, which is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention.

Considering these three aspects, SEEDER's robotic camera support systems, with their cutting-edge technology and outstanding product performance, have been selected as the supplier for the China Welfare Lottery Distribution Management Center's Live Virtual Studio Project. The systems' intelligent operation and high-precision tracking capabilities provide comprehensive technical support to ensure the smooth operation and efficient production of the studio.

SEEDER's consistent commitment to innovative technology, a customer-centric service philosophy, and extensive experience in the real-time broadcasting production field will provide reliable technical support and high-quality after-sales service to the China Welfare Lottery Center. We look forward to contributing to the continuous innovation and upgrading of program production by providing high-quality broadcast-grade equipment, thereby contributing to the long-term development of the welfare lottery cause.