• Why Are Unmanned Studios Favored?

    In an unmanned studio, all work can be carried out in an orderly manner with only one or two operators.In the past, people always encountered various troubles when shooting videos, such as small site

    2023/03/17 Ari

  • Top Leaders of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Visited SEEDER

    On March 1, Imai Hideki, the project senior director of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou, the senior director of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang, the project assistant director of Canon (China)

    2023/03/03 Ari

  • Application of Robotic Camera Systems in Virtual Studio Interview

    With the continuous innovation of TV news interview, online "cloud interview" and virtual studio came into being. Through cloud interviews, we can break the distance limit and interact with

    2023/02/24 Ari

  • Application of Tripods and Robotics in Live Streaming Field

    Live streaming has become an important means of television news reporting. The live streaming mode varies according to the occurrence and development process of the on-site events. The small live stre

    2023/02/17 Ari

  • Chief Engineer of Huzhou TV Visited SEEDER

    On February 9, Mr. Wu, the chief engineer of Huzhou TV Station, led the director and engineers of their technology department to visit SEEDER's studio automation project and robotics. Mr. Zhu, Pre

    2023/02/10 Ari

  • Selection of Virtual Tracking Tripod for Studio

    In addition to our common use to produce various TV programs, virtual studios are also widely used in education, enterprises, government and other non-radio and television professional fields. As a ne

    2023/02/03 Ari

  • SEEDER Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    SEEDER Spring Festival Holiday NoticeThe Chinese Spring Festival is coming, all SEEDER staff will in holiday from 19th Jan. to 27th Jan. And we will be back to work on Jan 28. During the period, all o

    2023/01/18 admin

  • Camera Tracking Technology - One of the Key Technologies of Virtual Production!

    Virtual production is booming, and it is increasingly used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and almost everyone who wants to create immersive experiences with real-time virtual content. By combining the f

    2023/01/12 Ari

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