RBL08VH: Robotic Head for Lightweight Cameras

2022-09-28 14:08:52 Ari

RBL08VH is a new model of robotic pan & tilt head system newly developed and launched by SEEDER. The system is designed for automation studio and virtual studio. The standard configuration are robotic omnidirectional pan and tilt head(L-type), robot control panel, tripod and control cables. It can automatically run shooting for AR, VR, xR and real scene in various broadcast studios, remote photography, government, education, event live and so on.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Based on the good reputation of SEEDER robotic pan & tilt head system in various TV stations and the demand for lightweight cameras,  the RBL08VH with a payload of 8KG came into being. Its robotic pan and tilt head is equipped with zoom, focus and aperture control system, which can be adapted to video shooting of handheld camera and studio camera. At the same time, it supports a full range of full servo lenses of Canon and Fujinon with B4 interface, which can control the zoom, focus and aperture movement of the lens. When shooting with B4 interface long-focus lens, it can also realize effective long-focus anti shake shooting.

It is worth mentioning that this RBL08VH robotic pan & tilt head system is very cost-effective with features as following:

1. Fast start stop anti shake technology.

2. AI curvilinear motion and AI face recognition, low delay tracking motion shooting.

3. FreeD protocol tracking data with 23 bit (830000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy can be output through RS422、UDP、TCP、USB-C.

4. The absolute encoders are used to record the motion position, one-time calibration.

5. Standard TCP / IP network protocols, which can be controlled by third-party equipment or system to realize automatic operation.

6. Auto targeting stage scene.

7. Support VR systems such as Vizrt, Avid (Orad), Brainstorm, UE4, etc.

8. Support studio control systems such as SEEDER AISS、Vizrt MOSART、ROSS Overdrive、GrassValley, etc.

9. The robotic pan & tilt head and robot control panel are IP67 waterproof.

SEEDER provides the most quality, affordable broadcast robotic/manual camera systems for the industry. As a professional manufacturer with three R&D centers, we are dedicated to providing low cost and suitable solution of having camera support equipment for your team all the time.

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