Four Benefits of xR Virtual Production

2022-09-28 14:07:08 May

At present, xR has become the mainstream of the virtual studio industry. It has a special meaning in film and television, broadcast and live entertainment production.

Main technologies of xR virtual production

To simplify, the technologies used in xR mainly include: camera tracking system, virtual studio software platform, media server, real-time rendering engine, etc.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In xR production, the high-quality LED screen will simultaneously display the 3D virtual environment preloaded by the graphics engine (usually using Unreal Engine or Notch). These LEDs also constitute the background of film and television shooting or live broadcast activities. When the accurate camera tracking system is added, the camera begins to move around the real and virtual elements seamlessly combined in the LED environment, so that the audience observed through the camera perspective can have an immersive audio-visual experience. In summary, there are four benefits of XR production:

Immersive and real-time production and editing process

Actors, hosts or producers can see the virtual environment on site, so that they can adjust and guide their performances or shooting on site, reducing the time and budget spent in post production. In short, it is "pre production of post production". In addition, virtual production solves many costs of location shooting. In short, you can reproduce and modify the required environment at any time without stepping on the spot and waiting for the rain or sunset.

The super high efficiency of xR technology is unparalleled. Through xR virtual production technology, several scenes such as forests, cities and cliffs can be shot in only one day. Using immersive extended reality technology to render the output in real time without post editing, which is impossible for traditional shooting.

Fast lens correction

Under the traditional green screen shooting, the lens correction time of the virtual camera often takes several hours, while the correction of the virtual camera tracking system only takes a few minutes, which greatly reduces the interruption and preparation time of the scene, and allows shooting across multiple scenes and conversation scenes in a short time.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER robotic crane system RB30CR2 for xR stage

Compared with the traditional fixed camera, the patented SEEDER robotic crane system is 8 axis motion of XYZ, robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus and aperture through the network. The AI curvilinear motion technology ensures the shooting of complex motion gives the amazing shots. The pricision VR tracking accuracy contributes to a new immersive experience.

Real on site interactive lighting

The lighting is provided by the LED display of the site, which helps the seamless integration of real people and virtual environment, and reduces the time for further lighting adjustment. This is especially suitable for shooting real objects with high reflection, it is necessary to provide real environmental reflection information and illumination without post synthesis and addition processing.

There is no problem of color overflow and cutting and filling

In the traditional green screen shooting environment, it often takes a lot of time to carry out fine matting processing and repair the problem of color overflow, which is completely unnecessary in XR production, it is real time production.

SEEDER is dedicated to providing precise, reliable, cost-effective robotics and camera trackers for the industry, and SEEDER products have been applied to the xR studios for various virtual production projects, such as live entertainment, new product launch, TV programs, the amazing shots bring the audience a new immersive audio-visual experience.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER robotic crane in studio of xR stage with LED wall

If you have any needs about camera support equipment and virtual studio solutions, please feel to contact us us with any questions or to request a demo. SEEDER is always here to serve your team and provide high-quality products with best after-sales services.




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