SEEDER Officially Releases the ST2110 IP Products

2023-09-07 14:53:32 Ari

After years of continuous effort, SEEDER R&D team has developed an Ultra HD video over IP solution that complies with the ST2110 standard and leverages universal computing platforms. Adopting mainstream X86 architecture hardware, in-house development of control protocol parsing and conversion between systems, to achieve frame-accurate precise control of IP encoding, IP decoding, IP transmission and other equipment. Supports mutual conversion between SDI and IP input/output; supports normalized processing capabilities for SRT, NDI; packet loss rate controlled below one in a million, clock synchronization accuracy reaches microseconds; especially after exhibiting at three international exhibitions NAB, CABSAT, BCA this year, benchmarking against leading international products, software and hardware costs reduced by over 50% compared to similar imported products. Breaks the monopoly of core technologies in this industry by foreign companies, adds momentum to domestic manufacturing for China's broadcasting industry. 

At this BIRTV 2023 exhibition, the following two products were officially launched. An IP-based intelligent broadcast studio production system built with these products was showcased on-site. The high efficiency and reliability demonstrated by the system's operation earned high recognition from both domestic and international experts.


SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Ultra HD Multimode Gateway IPG800

The SEEDER IPG800 is a UHD IPG media gateway with 2 x 100Gb network interfaces, up to 16 x 12G-SDI or 32 x 3G-SDI input/outputs, which can be custom allocated between inputs and outputs. A single 100G network interface supports 10 x 4K 50P data streams input/output.

Supports HD 1080 50i/50P/60i/60P and UHD 2160 50P/60P video formats for input and output.

Supports SMPTE ST 2110-10/20/21/30/40 protocols. IP inputs support SMPTE ST 2022-7 primary/backup switching, while IP outputs support simultaneous primary/backup link outputs.

Supports standard PTP sync signal.

Supports NMOS IS-04/05 protocols for software-based configuration and control of sending/receiving streams.

Can perform frame synchronization on incoming IP streams and SDI signals, and adjust relative phase of converted SDI signals and IP streams based on PTP.

Adopts mature X86 computing architecture, embedded OS, stable and reliable, meets 24/7 operation requirements. Can be applied in OB vans, broadcast studios for mutual conversion between IP and SDI signals.

It comes standard with dual 100Gb data network ports, dual 1Gb management network ports, and redundant power supplies.


SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

IP-based Ultra HD Video Server 

- VideoServer 20IP

A multi-channel IP-based video server system compliant with ST2110 standards.

Supports standard VDCP TCP and AMCP protocols.

Max supports 2 channels of broadcast-grade 2160 50P video and 4 channels of broadcast-grade 1080 50P output.

Supports standard PTP sync signal.

Supports HD 1080 50i/50P/60i/60P XDCAM HD422 MPEG2 50M, AVC LG25M/50M, XAVC 25M/50M and other formats. Also supports UHD 2160 50P/60P,AVC 125Mb/150Mb、HEVC 100Mb/125Mb、 AVCUltra/ XAVC and other video formats. Supports MP4, MXF and other file wrapping formats.

Supports primary/backup redundancy for the video server system.

Supports Chinese long filenames for video files, and A/B roll dual channel switching.

It comes standard with 2TB high-speed SSD storage, dual 25Gb data network ports, dual 1Gb management network ports, and redundant power supplies.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Moving forward, SEEDER will continuously improve our ST2110 IP series products, dedicating our full efforts towards building a fully domestic IP-based broadcast studio production system.