SEEDER won the bid for Gansu Broadcasting Group' provincial-level Integrated Media Construction Project

2024-01-09 09:12:00 Ari

SEEDER is delighted to announce its multiple robotic camera systems, graphics, and other products have successfully won the bid for the "Gansu Broadcasting Group' provincial-level Integrated Media Construction" project. Following the earlier success in winning the "Hubei Radio and Television Integrated Media News Studio Cluster Project" in December 2023, this marks another substantial supply of SEEDER products to provincial radio and television stations, providing robust support for the construction of Gansu Broadcasting Group's live studios and XR studios within its integrated media center.

Project Background

Gansu Broadcasting Group is a directly affiliated public institution of the provincial government. As a key media organization in the province, there is an urgent need for the construction of integrated media. SEEDER is honored to be a partner in this project, committed to providing intelligent equipment and services to assist in building an advanced provincial media center technology platform capable of deep media integration and serving cities and counties.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Gansu Broadcasting Group

Project Overview

Through strategic cooperation with EPIC GAME's unreal engine related research institutions, SEEDER successfully implemented automated playback control functions for multi-layer complex CG graphics on the UE5 engine through UMG production using plugins. This resolves functionalities required by the graphic system, such as tracking correction, lens correction, screen calibration, and color correction. Leveraging the advantages of our studio automation system with complex linkage of multiple devices in a time dimension, we have achieved the automation of multiple systems, including robotic telescopic crane, CG graphics, XR video wall engine, XR synthesis engine, lighting system, switching system, and audio system. SEEDER will provide an advanced, efficient, richly presented, and user-friendly intelligent production solution for the project.

This project adopts SEEDER products, including the three-axis robotic telescopic crane, rail robotic elevating system, pedestal pan/tilt head robotics, and two-stage pedestals.

Three-Axis Robotic Telescopic Crane


SEEDER's three-axis robotic telescopic crane system enables eight axis motion of the robotic telescopic jib's left/right & up/down & back/forth, robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus and aperture. The system‘s outstanding performance ensures exceptional results in the Gansu Broadcasting Group project, meeting the all-encompassing needs for real-time shooting.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Rail Robotic Elevating System


SEEDER's rail robotic elevating system features smooth curved motion and professional anti-shake technology, offering stable and seamless shooting support. Through an automated control system, it reduces manual intervention, enhances production efficiency, and opens up more creative space for program production. The customizable rail length provides flexibility to adapt to various shooting requirements, offering additional creative possibilities for program production at the TV Station.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Pedestal Pan Tilt Head Robotics


The system employs a U-type robotic pan tilt head capable of movements in five directions, including pan, tilt, zoom, focus and aperture. This system adapts to different shooting scenarios in news reporting, variety shows, and other production processes. The pedestal U-type robotics ensures efficient and flexible shooting solutions.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Two Stage Pedestal


SEEDER introduces the innovative two stage pedestal, with an on-shot stroke greater than 700mm and a working height of 1100mm to 1800mm, which can meet the shooting needs of different studio heights.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Outlook for the Future

SEEDER, in the coming year, will continue to uphold the principles of innovation and continuous progress. We are dedicated to returning user support and trust with even more stable, safer, and excellent products and services.